After a PhD in computer science and postdoctoral research in machine learning, I founded what's possibly the first VC-backed visual search company in Europe, learned a lot about early-stage entrepreneurship, and today work with technology startups through my software consultancy Hirschblau with a focus on machine learning, data analysis and computer vision.
I love working with teams that want to use these technologies, not to enrich the rich, or to speed up e-commerce, but to make the world a genuinely better place: think of medical diagnosis, drug discovery, synthetic biology, autonomous transportation, and let's not forget, education, and a myriad others besides. Let's get going.
I am a happy member of several organisations that do terrific work in conservation, such as London's Kew Gardens, the German Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz, and the World Wildlife Fund.
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Hirschblau Ltd
Founded Hirschblau as a boutique consultancy company advising technology companies and investors with a focus on machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision.
London / Kassel / Porto
I started advising the team when it was still very young, acting as interim CTO with the task to build up a complete engineering team at their Portugal office and help put in place a sound technical foundation. I later shifted towards leading ASAP's research efforts in image segmentation and deep learning until it was acquired by Farfetch.
Managing Director
Empora Group
London / Wismar
I led the company's efforts to secure a €1.4M computer vision research grant, built up a team of research engineers in Germany, and oversaw project execution.
Pixsta Ltd
Pixsta developed visual search solutions for e-commerce clients, primarily in the Fashion sector. We managed to raise enough venture capital to get us through to 2011 when Pixsta was acquired by Empora Ltd. As a founder I was concerned with all aspects of the business with emphasis on technology, research, fund-raising and IP.
Postdoctoral Researcher
Dept Electrical Engineering, Imperial College London
PhD Computer Science
Dept Computer Science, Imperial College London
Nominated for Best British Thesis award.
BSc Mathematics
Dept Mathematics, Open University
MSc Computer Science
Dept Computer Science, Imperial College London
BA Biological Sciences
University of Oxford, St John's College