Haydn's Arietta with (some) variations
Goldberg Variations - Aria
The aria of Bach's Goldberg variations: a quietly artful, delicate, almost bashful introduction to Bach's 30 set of variations.
Goldberg Variations - Var. 21 (Canone alla Settima)
Each variation has its very unique mood, so has this. The variation is one of only three in the minor key. With the motifs entering a seventh apart (what nerve!), the piece finds its mood right from the start. Why a seventh? Because Bach could pull it off.
Allemande - French Suite VI
Bach starts each of his six French Suites with an Allemande, a kind of German dance, not all of which are as lively and joyful as this one.
Air - French Suite II
The short free-wheeling 'Air' from the second French Suite.